About Us

Fitterfly medical advisory board consists of leading subject matter experts from multiple medical specializations. This progressive and dynamic team of doctors provides keen medical insights and a variety of perspectives right from strategy to execution.
The Fitterfly managing team comprises of senior doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, management experts and technologists working together with the sole aim of increasing quality of life & health for people with diabetes. The team has a collective work experience of more than 100 years and is putting in continuous efforts to improve the quality of health & fitness standards. For many of us, it has been a leap of faith from cushy jobs to a demanding rigorous schedule of creating something which has the potential of creating a healthy tomorrow for the society at large.
The advisory Board at Fitterfly has stalwarts from health, nutrition, education and technology space. The thought leadership provided by these stellar individuals will shape the future of India & the world towards a healthy and a fit future. Together our aim is to build a healthy & fit India ready to take on the growing challenges of the 21st century.

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