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Employee Wellness
Ensure Continued Productivity By Prioritising Employee Wellness

The current work scenario could be affecting your employees’ output. Make employee wellness your priority to ensure that work and health don’t suffer. Keep employee morale and company performance high by offering tailor-made digital health solutions that are designed by experts.

World-Class Wellness Solutions
Worth Your Investment & Your Employees' Time

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What Do You Get With Our Programs?

We help your employees achieve their health targets with

Health Coach Access to a
health coach
nutritional-assessment img Detailed nutritional assessment
diet-plans img Personalised
diet plans
Physical-Fitness-Guidance-Img Physical fitness guidance
Sleep & stress management Sleep & stress management
Fun & engaging health information Fun & engaging health information
Wellness emailers Wellness
Call & Chat Support Img Call & chat

Minimum Costs. Maximum Benefits.

Our Wellness Solutions begin at Rs.150 per employee per month & save your organisation Rs.22 for every rupee spent!

Pick A Solution That Will Benefit Your Employees

Our Wellness Programs fit every budget and every employee requirement irrespective of age, gender or health condition.

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India’s most advanced diabetes management program designed to help people with diabetes and prediabetes reach their target HbA1c levels through scientific & personalised nutrition & lifestyle coaching from experts.


Reset your BMI to 23 kg/ sq m (normal BMI) without crash diets with India’s most scientific weight loss program proven to show sustainable weight loss.

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