Why is Nutrition Assessment important?

Nutritional Assessment tells us whether a person is well nourished or under-nourished. Usually people are unaware of how well they are eating. Whether they are eating less or eating more. Whether all their nutritional requirements, as per the age are being met Whether they are getting enough of all the micro and macro nutrients as per the requirements for age and activity level Whether or not the food is enough for the proper growth and development in case of children Whether the nutrition will help them stay away from diseases now and in future?

A Nutrition Assessment answers all these questions and help people take corrective steps to improve the nutrition and thus their overall health to keep them disease free.

At what age should a Nutrition Assessment be done?

There is no age limit for undergoing a Nutrition Assessment. The requirements for various nutrients change with age and also varies by gender. Nutrition Assessment can be started right from when the child is 6 months of age, when solid food is introduced, till they are 80 years old. In children, Nutrition Assessment should be done every 6 months to understand the child’s ideal nutrient requirement and methods to achieve this requirement ensuring their optimal growth and development. In adults, it needs to be done once in a while to understand the eating patterns and how to improve them. For people with certain diseases, the doctor may want to ask for nutrition assessments more frequently.

Is the Nutrition Assessment reliable at Fitterfly?

Fitterfly is led by a strong team of Nutritionists, who have experience working with top hospitals in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and India. At Fitterfly, we follow the highest international standards set by NIN, ICMR, IAP & ASPEN. Our Nutrition Engine has been used to assess over 10,000 people in India and world-wide. We have tweaked and honed our standards with this data to make them more accurate and reliable.

How is the Nutrition Charting and Assessment done at Fitterfly?

Nutrition Assessment at Fitterfly comprises of a comprehensive questionnaire to be filled by the user while downloading the Fitterfly app for basic understanding of an individual's dietary habits, age, height and weight.

Their daily intake of nutrients is calculated from their daily food records fed on the app by them and this is compared to their ideal requirements as per age, gender and their activity levels. A detailed Nutrition Report, generated by the Nutrition Engine, provides analysis of the major macro and micro nutrients like Carbohydrates Proteins, Fiber, Fat, Calcium, Iron etc. with proper guidance on how to improve the diet.

The user then has an option of consulting our Dieticians, who will not only guide and prescribe Diet Plans as per individual's condition but also educate and answer personalized questions

What is a Food Diary and how is it made?

A food diary is a daily record of the food and beverages including water that one consumes over a certain period of time, typically kept as a means of tracking nutrient consumption and to identify habitual eating patterns. It is maintained by recording or mentioning the complete day’s meal from breakfast to dinner with the time and quantity of foods consumed and their servings per meal. The food diary can be maintained conveniently on Fitterfly Mobile app or on a physical paper of paper and then submitted for analysis.

Our food experts advise food intake to be recorded for ideally 7 days but minimum of 4 days including weekdays and weekends, for an accurate understanding of the eating patterns of a person.

What standards does Fitterfly follow for nutrition advice?

Fitterfly follows the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Standards for Nutrient Requirement Assessment. Additionally, Growth charts from Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) are used to assess Growth Patterns and Progress in Children. We also follow absorption guidelines by American Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN).

We are vegetarian, would you be able to offer vegetarian diet plans?

Nutritional Assessment Process starts with the nutritional profiling of the user, where we record their dietary preferences:

  • Vegetarian
  • Non Vegetarian
  • Eggitarian
  • Vegan
  • Allergy specific
  • Jain

Our Nutrition Engine runs all the analysis according to this input. Even the Diet Plans are generated accordingly.

In addition to the above, we also consider your family and cultural dietary habits like your preferred cuisines etc.

Would Nutrition and Diet impact disease conditions? How?

Nutrition plays an important role directly and indirectly in disease management. The right nutrition and diet can impact conditions such as diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, GI disorders etc. Special diets can be customised during pregnancy for instance trimester wise through proper planning according to age, gender, nutritional requirements as per RDA (Required Daily Allowances). We also have detailed analysis of nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

Nutrition can also indirectly impact and help in managing conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer etc

Would you be able to guide for diet related to sports?

Yes, we do provide specialised diet plans for individuals extensively participating in sports. Our sports nutritionist can help you plan your diet for the type of sport, time duration of practice and on-season and off-season.

How can I get nutritional values of all the food eaten at my home?

Fitterfly has a food database of more than 9000 plus food items which covers region specific cuisines as well So, whether you are entering food which is typical of North, East,West,South as also Chinese, Mediterranean and other popular food items such as pasta etc, its all present in database.

Do I need to go somewhere to get a nutrition consultation?

Fitterfly Nutrition Consultation is available over the phone remotely. You can call our customer care at +917045065225 and book an appointment with a nutritionist. We are also available at various places in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Please check our website for further details

Where can I download the nutrition app for Fitterfly?

"FitterFly" App is available for download on Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Does Fitterfly cater to clinical conditions?

Yes, Fitterfly Nutrition Assessments can be customised to every clinical condition like Diabetes, Cardiac, Pregnancy, Lactation, Surgery and various illnesses in Adults and Children.

In addition, to the above, specific conditions in Children like Epilepsy, Autism, ADHD, Complimentary Feeding, Type 1 diabetes etc. can also be handled by our software as well as our Nutritionists.

If you have any queries?