Prediabetes - Threatening Your Health, Silently

Currently, 90 million Indians are living with prediabetes. 75% of these people will progress to Diabetes within 7 years. Prediabetes (like Diabetes) is a silent condition with no obvious symptoms. Uncontrolled prediabetes increases the risk for diabetes and diabetes-related complications.

Recent studies are also linking prediabetes to silent heart attacks and kidney damage without the progression to Type 2 Diabetes.

Taking the Right Step At The Right Time

Progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes is not inevitable. With lifestyle changes, weight loss and medication, it's possible to bring a blood sugar level back to normal. This is known as Prediabetes Reversal.

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Reversing Prediabetes With Diabefly Pro

Guidance from a structured and scientific program such as Diabefly Pro which uses cutting-edge algorithms such as Personalised Glycemic Response and AGM/ CGMS devices can, in fact, even help reverse the condition - delaying the onset of diabetes and the need for diabetes medications.

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How & Why Diabefly Pro Can Help You
Reverse Your Prediabetes

Expert Guidance for Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Expert Guidance for Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Personalised Glycemic Response-led Diet Analysis

Personalised Glycemic Response-led Diet Analysis

Learn to eat healthy & get more active

Learn to eat healthy & get more active

Manage stress & stay motivated

Manage stress & stay motivated

Get support from peers with similar goals

Get support from peers with similar goals

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What percent of people with pre-diabetes develop diabetes?

According to an ADA expert panel, up to 70% of individuals with prediabetes will eventually develop Type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes is also known as borderline diabetes and people with this condition are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes treatment is possible with early detection, early action, and an effective treatment plan. Often people with prediabetes don’t experience any symptoms and hence remain undiagnosed. Therefore, it is important to regularly check your blood sugar levels, especially if you have risk factors that indicate higher chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Check your risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, here. Once you are diagnosed choose an effective and comprehensive prediabetes treatment.

How to prevent type 2 diabetes?

Progressing from prediabetes to Type 2 diabetes isn’t inevitable. The risk of diabetes depends on certain modifiable and unmodifiable factors. While you can’t do anything about unmodifiable factors such as family history, age, gender, etc. Modifiable factors such as low physical activity, weight, and stress can be worked on with lifestyle changes. It is possible to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by making modifications to these factors. Treatment for prediabetes should include a healthy diet, increased physical activity, weight reduction, stress, & sleep management. Modest weight loss may significantly reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, especially if you have excess abdominal weight. Treatment for prediabetes should include behavioral therapy that allows you to form habits that can be sustained for a lifetime.

What are the warning signs of prediabetes?

To avoid health complications that stem from Type 2 diabetes, it is crucial to pay attention to the warning signs of high blood sugar levels and regularly undertake tests for early detection of prediabetes. Once you know your condition, you can start the process to reverse prediabetes.

Some of the warning signs of prediabetes are:

  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • Frequent urination
  • Slow healing infections or wounds
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent infections

Early detection is crucial to reverse prediabetes and avoid chronic health conditions and complications that affect millions of people worldwide.

Can prediabetes be reversed permanently?

Yes, prediabetes can be reversed. The most effective pathway to Prediabetes cure is to focus on exercise, healthy eating, managing stress, sleep management, and weight loss. These lifestyle modifications can help you to reverse your prediabetes. You can prevent or delay prediabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes with simple and proven lifestyle changes. An effective plan for prediabetes cure should include in-depth assessments, expert guidance, and personalized solutions.