Prevent, Reverse & Manage Diabetes – Digitally!

Prevent, Reverse & Manage
Diabetes – Digitally!

Diabefly is a digital therapeutics program that is trusted by Doctors and people across India.

With its personalised and expert-driven care around nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being, Diabefly gives people with diabetes a chance to control their blood sugar and live a sugar-free life!

Helping You Take Charge Of Your Diabetes!

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Recognised Internationally At Prestigious Platforms

Fitterfly recognized by Chellaram Diabetes Institute
Fitterfly recognized by Medix
Fitterfly recognized by RSSDI
Fitterfly was part of Endo2020 Meeting and Event
Fitterfly recognized by AACE
Fitterfly at IDF Virtual Congress 2021
Fitterfly at Tedx Kanke
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Fitterfly's Digital Therapeutics (DTx) program suite

Fitterfly is an Indian health tech start-up specialising in Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and is founded and run by a team of Doctors, Engineers and Senior Nutritionists. Fitterfly's product suite offers scientific and personalised Digital Therapeutics programs to manage several health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and much more. Designed to complement your Doctor's medical therapy, Fitterfly DTx programs offer personalised guidance and motivation on nutrition, exercise, stress, weight and sleep management. With a unique combination of human and technological interventions, the Fitterfly DTx programs help people with various conditions improve their health from the comforts of their home.

Digital Therapeutics or DTx is an up-and-coming segment of digital health that offer evidence/ research-based treatment through high-end software that helps patients prevent, reverse or manage their health conditions. Digital Therapeutics/ DTx programs' treatment relies heavily on improving outcomes by changing patient behavior slowly and steadily. Fitterfly currently offers several digital therapeutics programs for conditions such as diabetes (Diabefly), obesity/ weight loss (Reset23).

Diabefly: India's best diabetes management program

Diabefly is Digital Therapeutics (DTx)-based diabetes management program created and run by Fitterfly. Diabefly is a holistic diabetes management program that works hand-in-hand with your Doctor's prescription. Designed especially for people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Diabefly is a 3-month scientific and personalised program that offers 360-degree care on diabetic diet/ nutrition, diabetic exercise, weight management, diabetes-related stress and much more. Diabefly offers data-driven diabetes care based on blood sugar readings from a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). Diabefly Coaches co-relate a customer's current diet, exercise, sleep and stress pattern with the blood sugar readings to map their 'Personalised Glycemic Response'. Personalised Glycemic Response shows us precisely the factors in your lifestyle that cause your blood sugar levels' ups and downs. With this understanding, you get a personalised diabetes management plan that helps you achieve your blood sugar goals.

By following our CGMS-based personalised diabetic diet and exercise plan, 85% of Diabefly customers have been able to control their blood sugar levels and other diabetes symptoms. Diabefly customers living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus see a 1% improvement in their blood sugar levels (HbA1c) in just 3 months. Trusted by India's top Diabetes Doctors and healthcare practitioners, Diabefly is considered to be India's best diabetes management DTx program.

Reset23: A Scientific Weight Loss Program that Works

Unlike other weight loss programs in the market, Reset23 is India's only science-based weight loss program. Created by a team of experts at Fitterfly, Reset23 aims to reset your BMI to 23 kg/ sq. m - the normal/ healthy weight range. Reset23 offers personalised weight loss diet plans from expert nutritionists to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Along with a detailed and personalised diet plan for weight loss, Reset23 also offers weight loss tips around exercise from a physiotherapist and mental wellness from a clinical psychologist for an overall holistic approach for the best weight loss results.

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