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Why Am I Unable To Lose Weight?

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With Reset23

A BMI of less than 23 prevents risk of diabetes, heart problems & many more diseases, that’s why the name Reset23 and we mean it!!

Reset23 is a Digital Therapeutics (DTx) program that uses science-backed guidelines, advanced technology and offers highly personalised support to help you achieve your target BMI. Reset23’s unique approach gives assured and long-lasting results.

Why should you register for Reset23?

Join Reset23
To Lose Stubborn Weight
Get rid of the difficult to lose weight mostly around belly
To Get Over Cyclic Dieting
The pattern of losing weight by
dieting, regaining weight and
then dieting again
To Get Over Cyclic Dieting
Reduce fat mass and
build muscles
To Prevent Diseases
Reduce the risk of diabetes, high BP, PCOS, heart disorders etc.

How Reset23 works?

3 months and 6 simple steps to lose weight
  • 1Analyse of current diet for macro & micronutrients, habits and lifestyle
  • 2Consult a Reset23 Coach - a dedicated nutritionist to guide & motivate you
  • 3Get personalised meal plans designed keeping your likes, dislikes and health goals in mind
  • 4Get customised exercise plans along with guidance on stress & sleep management
  • 5Learn from interactive & authentic information via regular calls, messages, audios, videos etc
  • 6Form lifelong habits with our gentle nudges, continuous engagement & support

Here's what our clients say..

Working with you was great experience. My coach really took good care of me. Thank you for helping me reduce 5kgs Khushi Sharma
I managed to successfully lose weight and reduce stomach size. I can also feel increase in energy and fitness levels thanks to the advice given by you. Raghvendra Patil
I weighed 124 kg and lost 15 kgs by following normal diet suggested by you. Now I know when and what to eat. Thank you. Anoop Kurukkal
Thank you team for your constant motivation and guidance on my weight loss journey. Highly appreciate your efforts. Dr Aparna
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